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Outsourcing industry thriving in Dalian

Currently, the number of enterprises engaged in software and service outsourcing in Dalian reached 941, and the amount of software professionals is up to 100,800. In 2010, the software and service outsourcing industry in Dalian realized a sales income of 53.5 billion yuan, up 33.75 percent year on year; as well as 1.8 billion U.S. dollars of export earnings, up 28.6 percent year on year, according to the Dalian Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation Bureau.

Dalian is vigorously enhancing its independent innovation capability and actively developing the software industry. Among the software and service outsourcing enterprises, 56 of the top 500 enterprises are in Dalian. Among the world‘s top 10 service providers, there are six that carry out outsourcing business in Dalian. Meanwhile, new types of outsourcing are increasing year by year, such as the financial and insurance services industry, the digital trade industry, the Internet industry, animation industry, and the industrial design industry.